KP Fellowship Personal Statement 1

Nov 18 2022

What impact do you want to have on the world and why?

​Software applications affect us every day of our lives. Throughout the pandemic, I've witnessed how software has been a core component keeping humanity together while we were all separated. Applications like Zoom and FaceTime kept families and co-workers in touch while various text and website services allowed for people to receive vaccinations in a safe, streamlined manner. I want to be part of this and create software that can make impact. In the future, I aim to found a startup, solving a prominent issue with my own product that can better lives in ways unimagined before. I dream of creating an application people can use in their everyday lives, improving their overall quality of life and helping them reach their full potential.

​Making impact in this way is incredibly important to me. If I'm able to solve an issue within the lives of many, there's one less issue they have to worry about, enabling them to put more time into their own passions and bringing them a step closer toward their own dreams. Through the butterfly effect, they'll then be able to make a larger impact within their own unique areas. Changing others' lives allows them to change more lives and change the world.